Join the experts at Pro Trek Sumatra for an experience of a lifetime!

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Unique treks, specialist wildlife viewing & cultural experiences


ProTrek Sumatra is proud to offer expert led jungle treks, cultural tours and adventure travel in the Leuser Ecosystem, Sumatra. We are a truly responsible company with conservation at the heart of our work. We are committed to conserving the forest and its inhabitants and strive to educate our guests on the state and future of our precious Leuser Ecosystem. Directed by expert orangutan researchers and the most experienced and knowledgeable guides in North Sumatra, we invite you to discover unique, species-rich jungles and experience the trip of a lifetime.

Our tours have been designed with wildlife and our guests in mind. We offer unique and remarkable adventures well away from standard operators and unsustainable practices. We are also proud to offer you the option of staying in our home for an authentic taste of Sumatra. Join us to experience life in the villages surrounding the world’s last stronghold of Sumatran orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos!

  • Take a classic jungle trek from half a day to a week!

  • Experience traditional homestays with local families, or enjoy the more luxurious hotels.

  • See wild orangutans, elephants, gibbons, hornbills and maybe even a tiger.

  • Take a bamboo raft down a lazy river.

  • Enjoy natural hot springs in beautiful jungles.

  • Discover the local nocturnal wildlife on our unique night trek.

  • Visit colourful markets or remote villages to experience every life in Sumatra.

  • Experience the rich swamp forests, home to the intelligent tool-using orangutans.

  • Bath an elephant – or a buffalo!

  • Relax on a sandy beach in Aceh or by the beautiful Landak river