How far in advance do we need to book?

For high season when demand is high for our treks and tours, we recommend booking 1-2 months in advance, at least. Outside of high season you may book a week or less in advance but please contact us in case of cancellations. We will always do our best to accommodate guests.


I am a solo traveller; can I still go trekking?

Sure. However, the cost of this will be higher as you will need to cover all of the costs involved. If this is prohibitive, we will gladly find another solo traveller or a group which may be suitable for you to join. Please contact us to discuss your options.


What will I need to bring on a half day trek?

We suggest you wear sturdy footwear with good grips as you will be trekking up and down hills which can be slippery in or after wet weather. Depending on the duration of your trek you may need to cross rivers. For this reason, we do not recommend waterproof footwear as it can prevent your feet from breathing and hold water, making walking difficult. Sturdy walking shoes or trainers (sneakers) with a good grip would be fine.
Bring plenty of DEET mosquito repellent (available to buy locally). A high SPF sun cream or sunblock, particularly if you will take the rafting option back to the village.


What will I need for an overnight trek?

Sleeping shelters and roll mats are provided. You will need to bring your own blanket/sleeping bag/sarong and maybe a pillowcase or bag stuffed with clothes that you can rest your head on.
We recommend you bring at least one change of clothes for sleeping – it can get cold in the jungle overnight, so fleece jumper and long trousers would be a good idea. Long sleeves and trousers will also help prevent insect bites.
Breakfast and dinner with fruit are provided but if you wish to bring extra snacks this is at your discretion.

Do I need to take anti-malarials?

Bukit Lawang and the surrounding areas are not known as malarial areas, however there are plenty of mosquitoes around and dengue fever is common but seasonal.
Please consult with your doctor or local travel clinic regarding the use of anti-malaria tablets. Prevention of bites is always the best policy so we would encourage you to bring a DEET repellent with you or purchase some locally. 
For children and babies, we can personally recommend Green Baby mosquito patches which we use on our own children when trekking or sleeping in the village.

What should I wear for a trek?

Light weight cotton clothing which is fast drying. We would recommend long trousers or leggings for ladies for overnight treks. A t-shirt or long sleeves for longer treks and sturdy footwear, which could be trekking sandals or trainers. Boots with ankle support would be best for treks of 2 days or more.
A lightweight, breathable waterproof jacket will be needed in wet weather.

Do I need to bring dry bags?

Your guide will bring large dry bags to secure your belongings on the tube rafts, but you may wish to bring smaller bags for your mobile phone and other smaller belongings while trekking.


Can my guides speak English?

Yes. All of our guides speak good English!


Is it safe in Sumatra?

Yes! Sumatra is very safe if you respect the local culture and customs and use common sense during your visit. 
As Sumatra is largely a Muslim area, we encourage you to dress conservatively with shorts to the knee and tops that cover your mid-section and chest. Some tourists do bathe in the river in swimming costumes, but we would encourage you to observe the local people and act as they do, swimming in a t-shirt and shorts to avoid any embarrassment or offense.


Can I bring my children trekking?

Yes of course! We like to take our own children into the jungle, and it is perfectly safe for them as long as you take sensible precautions: Use plenty of mosquito and biting insect repellent. Use long sleeves and long trousers with socks. Make sure they have sturdy footwear. Hold their hands when descending steep slopes. Make sure you talk to them before the trek so they understand that loud noises must be avoided to not disturb animals. It is also wise to tell them not to touch anything without checking with your guide that it is safe to do so.


When is the best month to visit Sumatra?

You can visit Sumatra any time of year. Being so close to the equator the climate is a steady 30-32 C during the day and around 21 C at night. The only difference you see is in the rainy seasons which is mainly between October to April. May to September is usually the dry season, however as our planet undergoes climate changes, in recent years these seasons have become unpredictable.
The high season in Bukit Lawang coincides with the European school holidays with the months of June – September being the busiest when guest houses can become full and the jungle closest to the village becomes too busy.


Can I get money from an ATM?

The closest place to withdraw cash to Bukit Lawang is the small market town of Bohorok, 8km away. You can reach Bohorok easily by public bus, hiring a ‘becak’ (a motorbike with side cart) or motorbike. One of our guides would also be happy to take you. Choose whatever is easiest for you.
ATM machines in Bohorok allow you to withdraw cash using a visa card up to Rp.5,000,000 per day. We would just advise you to go early in the day as the machines are known to run out of money often.


Will my mobile cell phone work?

If you have a mobile phone that is unlocked to any network, we recommend you use a local sim card for the cheapest call rates. 

Can I book my own accommodation, or can you book it for me?

We are happy to help book your accommodation with our local partners or suggest suitable places for you to go. 
If you would like an authentic village experience there is also the option of our own homestay in the hamlet of Landbau, 2km from the centre of Bukit Lawang. Here you will have your own room with four poster bamboo bed and stunning views across the rice fields to the volcanoes in Berastagi and the National Park. Our house is a busy and happy one with your hosts Ana and Wanda – our chief guide and their beautiful family of 5 children, ranging in ages from 6-22 years! For our family travellers, it is a perfect place to make some local play mates!

How do we pay?

Please read our T&Cs here for our booking conditions. A minimum deposit of 30% is requested at the time of booking. Payments can be made in Euros, GBP Sterling or Indonesian Rupiah using current exchange rates through our secure online banking.