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Unlike other tour providers, our Indo-English family includes highly experienced and knowledgeable experts and guides. Our head guide in North Sumatra, Wanda has over 30 years guiding experience, learning much of his knowledge from his father and grandfather-in-law, two of the original guides to in Bukit Lawang back in the early 1970’s.

Today, Wanda, his son Fabio and nephew Rama, continue the family legacy and maintain the unique knowledge of the forest passed down through the generations. Our tours are only led by family members who possess knowledge and respect for the forest.


Left to right: Wanda, Ani, Edit & Ana


Hi I’m Wanda. I have been a forest guide in Bukit Lawang since 1991. I was born in the nearby town of Bohorok where my parents still live today. I have learnt much about the forest from my own trips to enjoy the nature and from my father and grandfathers in law, who both worked as guides to Regina Frey and Monica Borner in the 1970’s. I am passionate about the forest and have a particular interest in termites and their role in ecosystems!

Dr. Ani Permana

Hi there, I’m Dr. Andrea Permana, known as Ani. I coordinate the tours for Wanda and the family and manage the website. I have a PhD on cognition and culture in orangutan behaviour and continue to conduct research on wild orangutans in Sumatra and Borneo aiming to shed light on human evolution. I work alongside the world’s experts in orangutan conservation and behaviour and have been working in research and conservation in Indonesia since 1998 when I first visited and volunteered at the Bohorok rehabilitation centre. After many years bearing witness to unsustainable and questionable tourism practices in the area, I decided to work with my Indonesian family to create authentically responsible treks around the Leuser Ecosystem.


Hey, I’m Edit, Ani’s husband of 15 years. I worked in hospitality in Bukit Lawang for many years and first started out working for Ana’s dad out of Jungle Inn in the 90’s. I have lived in Sweden and the UK but am happiest back home in the jungle. My role at ProTrek Sumatra is to help coordinate tours beyond Bukit Lawang, into North Sumatra and Aceh.


Hi! I’m Ana, wife to Wanda and mum to Fabio, Pele, Gibran, Aya dan Qipa! My role is to take care of the homestay and organise the practicalities of your tour, making sure you have good quality, fresh fruit and vegetables during your stay. We have been taking care of guests to Bukit Lawang since the early 90’s. I love to get to know our guests who come to us from all over the world, many of whom have become firm friends and return again and again!

Andrea and Edit at work in Suaq Balimbing, South Kluet Swamp, South Aceh

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So, whether you are looking for a cultural day trip, a jungle trek to see orangutans, a specialist biologists tour, or an adventure experience we can take you there with our specialist and expert guides.

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We work with close family and friends and with local communities so that we can offer you the best prices and best service. If you join us in Indonesia you will be joining our family, a family there to look after you and help you make the most out of your time with us. What are you waiting for? 

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